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What Happens When You Steal A Jeep’s Parking Spot

Ok, this one just made my day! I don' know about you, but in my city parking is a huge problem. Finding a decent parking spot is often just like playing lottery. Just is...
Rush Hourvideo

You Think Your Rush Hour Is the Worst? Think Again.

It is totally wrong to claim that your city has the worst traffic in a rush hour. You'd be stealing the title from this country. Being stuck in traffic is every driver's nightmare. No...

Fantastic Driveway System

When you think of a farm, you probably think of a place where people live off the land. Where the animals roam free and there are acres upon acres of landing stretching out...

Subaru Stolen Out of Driveway, Next Morning It’s Returned With This Note In It

Sometimes, the strangest things happen. Like in this story, which sounds more like a scene from a clip of “World’s Dumbest Criminals” than real life. Erin Hatzi from Portland called the police and reported...

How To Escape From A Car Window

The trick you're about to see is important to know. I sure hope you never get trapped or locked in a car, but it's a scenario that can happen to anyone. You never know if...
Fanciest Busvideo

Fanciest Bus You’ll Ever See

This vehicle might be the fanciest bus ever. It looks wonderful from the outside and its interior is.. just wow! Oh.My.Gosh. If this was mine, I would not only use it for driving, I would...
Mobile Homevideo

This Mobile Home Is A Serious Game Changer

Have you ever dreamed of spending your retirement years in a mobile home, touring the country and finally seeing all the sites, the monuments, the parks, and the attractions you missed throughout your...

The Ultimate Surprise for One Defender Fans

I almost cried to this One Defender kind of story. Will Radford, Jeremy Wells, Anthony Dawson and James Shatwell became friends during college. With their friendship getting stronger, they decided to buy a car. It...
Tesla carvideo

Grandma Absolutely Hates New Tesla Car

Car industry is changing and the changes are big. Not only we're getting used to electric cars, more and more smart cars are out there on the streets. And while most people, especially...
foggy car windowsvideo

How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

Not many car owners enjoy winter. Winter means no more open windows, frosted locks, ice on a road and sitting in a cold vehicle for what looks like ages until it heats up. With...


Texas Story Is Every Guy’s Dream

Imagine that you somehow became an owner of an old barn that hasn’t been opened in decades. Those barns can hide quite a lot...