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The Real Difference Between Drunk Driving And Distracted Driving

Imagine this - you get into a cab, and as soon as your drive starts you see your driver casually drinking. And there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop him. A nightmare! This scenario...
Parallel Parking Recordvideo

The Tightest Parallel Parking Record

You think you've mastered parallel parking? Well, think again, because what this guy can do is unbelievable! Most of the times placing a car in a parking lot is just an everyday routine. Except when...

Subaru Stolen Out of Driveway, Next Morning It’s Returned With This Note In It

Sometimes, the strangest things happen. Like in this story, which sounds more like a scene from a clip of “World’s Dumbest Criminals” than real life. Erin Hatzi from Portland called the police and reported...

Lock Your Car In Florida To Get A Movie Ticket

A way to get a free movie ticket? Very simple. Lock your Car. According to FBI reports, one vehicle is stolen every 46 seconds. When you finish watching the video, at least two another...
scam tirevideo

Car Tire Scam Could Cost You Your Life

Attention drivers! New scam is circling around and it could cost you your life. There were always scammers on used items markets and one should always be aware of the risk when buying used...
Car Washvideo

Car Wash Fail Will Show You A Valuable Lesson

Washing your car during summer heats is more than pleasing task and many car owners choose to wash their cars on their own instead of going through the car wash. But with summer...

Driving Prank – Drifting Customers in Pickup Truck

Driving pranks are really fun. Maybe you remember the one when owners of driving school decided to introduce their instructors to professional driver who gave them a drive of their lifetime. This one...
Left Lanevideo

The Left Lane Driving Explained

Every veteran driver knows to cruise in the right lane and use the left lane only for passing or to allow merging vehicles in. But for some reason, countless people received a driver’s...

How To Escape From A Car Window

The trick you're about to see is important to know. I sure hope you never get trapped or locked in a car, but it's a scenario that can happen to anyone. You never know if...
Volvo Lifepaintvideo

Volvo Lifepaint Is The Best Invention Ever

Volvo Lifepaint will definitely save your day! Bikes are known as best possible transportation option ever. They're eco friendly, small and allow you to avoid rush hours and terrible traffic jams. Also, biking is an excellent...


These Hilarious Road Signs Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Road signs are important. With so many vehicles out there, world without road signs would be an endless mess. They are here to remind...