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Meet The Guy Who Built A Self-Driving Car In His Garage

While most of us just sit and watch how self-driving cars are taking over the roads, this guy went a step further. He built his very own self driving car. While it may...
foggy car windowsvideo

How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

Not many car owners enjoy winter. Winter means no more open windows, frosted locks, ice on a road and sitting in a cold vehicle for what looks like ages until it heats up. With...
absurd traffic accidentvideo

The Most Absurd Traffic Accident Of All Time

Depending on the part of the world where you are from, you're probably used to some sort of traffic jams and all kind of distractions on the road including animals. If you are...

Make Your Own All Natural Car Air Freshener

OK, this is literally the simplest DIY ever. And it's really awesome! Make your own natural air freshener in less than a minute! If you're a car owner you've probably found yourself at least...
Double Decker Busvideo

Double Decker Bus to RV

Adam Collier-Woods was on eBay one day when he saw a old decommissioned double decker bus on sale. Adam wasn’t particularly sure what he would do with a double decker bus, yet he...

Model T Starts Even After 60+ Years

The Ford Model T is probably the most famous car in automotive history. It was produced by Ford Motor Company from 1908, to 1927 and is known as the first affordable car. It is also...

The Strati Is First 3D Printed Car Ever

Even tho first 3D printer was created back in 1980s, we still don't know  what this stunning device is capable of. Just recently Local Motors has officially produced the first 3D printed car...

Google’s Self-Driving Car Is Absolutely Fantastic

Everyone knows what Google is and what they do. But did you know they're expanding their business from IT to automotive industry? Google's team has already created a great smart, self-driving car and...
April Fools Hondavideo

April Fools – Do It Yourself Honda

With so many DIYers out there, Honda wanted to give a very special gift to all those hipsters who are not interested in buying a mainstream premade car for April Fools -a Do...

Crash Tests Shows What It’s Like To Crash A Car Traveling At 125 MPH

People are often scared of planes or boats, but the truth is that none of those vehicles are dangerous as cars and bikes are. We tend to believe that nothing bad can happen...


AeroMobil Will Make Your Jaw Drop

What you're about to see might look like a scene from a Sci Fi movie, but it's actually happening! Meet AeroMobil, a flying car. AeroMobil...